Who Needs A 5-Minute Gratitude Journal?

In a word, YOU! Whether you choose a one-minute or a five-minute gratitude journal, this is the kind of journaling that anyone can fit into their busy schedule. With only a few lines to write on, there is no overwhelm about trying to fill up “the whole page” when you feel that adding one more thing to your to-do list is just not possible.

Fall Leaves At Wood Fence Gratitude JournalMost gratitude journals will start each entry off with some kind of a prompt to help you get started. It may be as simple as “Today I am grateful for …” and that is enough to break through the stall that a totally blank page causes for most people.

If there is no prompt, then use this general guideline … write down three to five things you are grateful for. Simple and to the point!

Just create a bulleted list if that is all you have time for or what you prefer. Or use those three to five things to jumpstart your writing and you will fill up the space in no time.

Taking a few minutes in the morning can get your day started off right. Or journaling at bedtime is a great way to end the day. Whatever time of day works best for you, seize the moment to record your blessings. It will change your life!

Of course, an attractive cover can be pretty motivating too (wink! wink!)

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Take just five minutes a day to write in a gratitude journal and watch the positive impact it has on your life!