3 Ways Blank Comic Books Help The Budding Cartoonist

Blank comic books can be the perfect solution or gift idea for anyone wanting to draw their own comics or cartoons. The layout of the book provides a blank canvas filled with boxes to write and draw in … just what the artist needs.

While drawing on any kind of paper is an obvious option, here are three ways that using a blank book designed especially for comic and graphic novel artwork can make the drawing experience so much better.

Time Saver

3 Panels Varied Format Comic BookBlank comic books come with the panels already drawn on the pages. This keeps them uniform in size and eliminates the time needed to individually draw each box before being able to fill it.

Since writing and drawing are where all the fun and creativity are, a book full of pre-made cartoon boxes is like a breath of fresh air to the illustrator, allowing them to get the ideas down quickly without having to stop and draw more boxes.

Organization and Formatting

Working with the exact format of a standardized comic book, an artist can visualize better how to plot out their storyline so that it flows across the open page and throughout the book. Serving as a blueprint for a comic strip or graphic novel, a book full of blank panels automatically provides an organized look that helps to move the story and artwork along.

Preliminary Prep Work

3 Panels Varied Format Comic BookFor anyone who is just starting out or only wants to create comics for fun, any kind of blank comic book will do. But anyone who is serious about their artwork creations will likely benefit from using two kinds of blank comic books. For the final product, top-quality paper is a must.

But for brainstorming and sketching out ideas, or creating thumbnails during the beginning stages, a lower quality book will be just fine and much more affordable.

Blank comic books provide helpful templates and lots of space for experimenting for the up and coming artist. They are especially a great way for children to be able to write and illustrate the stories running around in their heads.

And who wouldn’t want their very own comic strip book?!

Gift idea for the up-and-coming cartoon artist. A blank comic book lets them create a story book of their own drawings. How fun!