3 Unusual Ways To Use a Large Print Address Book

A large print address book has some advantages over the smaller ones that can be capitalized on for certain situations. Regardless of the particular items on each page (which may differ slightly with different books,) the basic information of name, address and phone number will be spaces to be filled in.

Since it is naturally going to be a larger book, here are three ways of using a large print address book that you may not have thought of.

First Address Book

Bunny With Hearts Large Print Address BookTeens or tweens may still be coming into their own as far as their handwriting goes so they may or may not appreciate a large print address book for the “large print” aspect.

But it is a great way to get them interested in collecting addresses and phone numbers of people they want to stay in contact with … and instilling in them the need or advantage of having a paper back-up to important things in this digital world.

A large print one just makes it easier for first-timers to write in and get used to the overall concept of an address book.

Wedding Invitation List

Are you or a family member planning a wedding? Why not use a large print address book to keep track of all the guests that are invited. With more roomy areas to write in, there will be plenty of space to also record gift information.

Keeping everything in one place and separate from your regular address book will make any communication efforts easier, and the special address book can then be included as a keepsake with other wedding day and preparation items.

Retirement Home Resident

Sunflowers & Butterflies Large Print Address BookIf you have an elderly friend or family member who is in a retirement home, give the gift of an address book filled with all the addresses and phone numbers of their family members.

This way they won’t need to call someone (you, maybe?!) every time they need an address to mail a note or package, or a phone number so they can call with a birthday greeting.

And with its larger size, the address book will be easy to keep track of and there will be plenty of room for the large print needed for aging eyesight.

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Three creative ways to take advantage of the larger size of a large print address book that you may not have thought of.