3 Things That Should NEVER Happen In Your Address Book

Lilac Smudge Floral Address BookAn address book is simply a way to keep track of contact information for people that you know. We’re all used to the traditional format and have learned to live with it, whether we like it or not, simply because that is the way things have always been and because there weren’t any alternatives. But now there is an alternative … one that puts YOU in control of how your address book is organized. One where you will –

  • NEVER run out of room because you have too many contacts with last names that start with the same letter
  • NEVER have to copy someone’s information onto another page simply because they changed their last name
  • NEVER “lose” anyone because you just don’t remember (or know) their last name

Never Run Out of Room

The standard format of address books is to have a certain number of pages for each letter of the alphabet. This is a pre-set amount determined by WHO? Who knows better than you how many “A” addresses or “K” addresses you have? And if your family name begins with a “Q” or an “X” will you have enough room for everybody? Not likely, because those are considered less common letters so have less space allocated.

Never Have To Copy The Same Information

Cat With Heart Tail Address BookWhen one of your female contacts gets married or divorced, more than likely their new name will start with a different letter of the alphabet. With a traditional address book, that means you will need to copy ALL their information onto the new page so that they are in the right alphabetical location. That’s a lot of unnecessary work for you.

Never Lose Anyone

After someone changes their name, what happens if you can’t remember their new last name? What if you don’t know (or need to remember) your neighbor’s last name but you want to be able to contact them if necessary? What if your child wants or needs to contact Grandma but doesn’t know her last name? The typical address book is not your friend in this scenario.

Enter the revolutionary style of address book where YOU control how and where the names are placed in the book.

  • Want all your relatives together so you don’t have to flip through to each last name’s alphabet section? DONE!
  • Tired of having to rewrite all the information for your female friends when they get married or divorced? Don’t need to do that anymore!
  • Would you like to have your professional contacts (the plumber, the tree trimmer, your realtor) separate from your personal contacts and yet still in the same book? Absolutely!

Your address book CAN be set up that way.

By using a table of contents where you can organize your contacts and list them under any name that makes sense to you, you will never run out of room due to alphabet constraints, you will never have to rewrite someone’s information unless you want to, and you will never “lose” anyone because you don’t know or remember their last name.

Organize your table of contents any way you want …

Vintage Clock & Flowers Address Book

  • Set up groups so that you can easily find people that you would likely contact at the same time.
  • Keep your professional contacts separate from your personal friends.
  • Update last name changes on the same page but don’t worry about having to rewrite everything simply because someone has a name change.

In fact, last names can even be irrelevant! You can list people by the names you know them best (like Grandma, Aunt Susie, neighbor Bob) or just by their profession (such as piano tuner, handyman, hairstylist … ones that might change over time.) Using a table of contents makes all this possible.

It might take a little bit of getting used to but anything new often comes with a slight learning curve. Once you realize how much easier and more user-friendly the concept is, you’ll enjoy the freedom that it gives you in setting up your address book the way that best works for YOU. Why not check it out now?

A new look at how address books should work. A little outside-the-box thinking gives you a whole lot more control over how you organize your family, friends and business contacts.