3 Things Every Gratitude Journal Needs

Everyone can benefit from a gratitude journal but not every journal is the same nor does every person have the same goals. But by spending time daily writing in a gratitude journal that suits your needs, you will be taking the steps to turn your ordinary moments into blessings and to focus on the positive side of life. Here are three things to look for in a gratitude journal.

No Set Dates

Blue Flowers With Ladybugs Gratitude Journal For MomsA journal that includes specific dates does not allow you the freedom to start whenever you want plus it adds the pressure of not wanting to miss a day. A gratitude journal should not cause you undue stress and printed dates can often do that.

Instead, look for a journal that includes space for you to write in your own dates. That way you can start on any day of the year or month, and if you need to or end up skipping days periodically, just start with the next spot and enter the current date. Being grateful without being stressed!

Words of Inspiration

An inspirational and uplifting saying on every page can help to set the tone and get you into a grateful frame of mind. While not designed to help you think of anything in particular to be thankful for, it will help you start focusing on positive things and take a much-needed break from all the negativity or fast-paced activity surrounding you. Read the printed Bible verse or inspirational quote and let your mind be still for a moment. Then read the prompt and start writing down what you are grateful for.

The Right Number of Lines

Family of Four Colorful Owls Gratitude Journal For MomsIf you are just starting out or know that journaling extensively is not something you have time for, choose a one-minute or five-minute gratitude journal that only has a few lines for each entry.

That way you are reaping the benefits of being grateful and focusing on the good things in your life every day without the pressure of feeling like you have a whole page to fill up.

But if you are a long-time journaler wanting to start writing in a gratitude journal or you know you can make the time daily for longer reflections, then choose a gratitude journal that offers a full uninterrupted page for each day’s writing or just use a journal with inspirational quotes or Bible verses throughout.

That will give you the freedom to write at length about whatever you are feeling grateful for without feeling like you don’t have enough room.

A gratitude journal is a record of what you are grateful for and gives you a way to be able to go back later to revisit those thoughts. Make it a daily habit and watch your life change for the better!

Three things to look for when choosing a gratitude journal for yourself or as a gift.