2 Reasons You NEED A Printed Password Log

A password log is such a simple thing and yet truly a must-have for anyone who uses the internet. No matter who you are, there are at least two reasons why you absolutely NEED a printed password log.


Bright Colors Spin & Twist Password LogIn an age where hacking is all too prevalent, having a hard copy back-up of all your passwords is an absolute must. Computers and phones can be lost or stolen, so even if hackers don’t get your information, something else might.

With all your passwords written down, somewhere away from your devices, you can quickly access your accounts if you feel they have been compromised. You can then quickly change your passwords to prevent access to or manipulation of your accounts.

After You’re Gone

Purple Butterflies Password LogAlthough no one likes to think along these lines, at some point you will be gone or no longer able to take care of your own affairs. Somebody will need to be able to access all your accounts to close them down, stop automatic payments, or transfer them into someone else’s name.

An organized password log can contain all the information for both your online and local accounts that anyone would need to know about when you are no longer able to give them all the details. Having all this information conveniently compiled in one location is a gift you can give to your heirs or caretaker.

Organization Tip - Protect yourself and your family with a printed password log. You won't regret it!