5 People Who Need A Gratitude Journal

While some might consider giving a gratitude journal as a gift to be presumptious or even judgmental, in truth everybody can benefit from this kind of journal and we ALL should be using one! But it is the kind of gift that you can give that is sweet and meaningful, and might be just what someone needs at that point in their life.

Journaling of any sort can be beneficial but a gratitude journal approaches things from the angle of being thankful. And a five-minute journal allows for journaling without the pressure of trying to fill up an entire page. Here are several ideas of people that probably need such a journal without even realizing it.


Pink Hearts Galore Gratitude JournalThe stress of being a caregiver can often drag even the most positive of people down into the depths. Always being “on” or being on-call while tending to the needs of another can be very draining.

Whether a caregiver by profession or caring for a family member, a few moments spent with a gratitude journal may be just what a caregiver needs to be able to cope and to keep going. A five-minute journal would be perfect for them as it doesn’t require a lot of time but still enables them to reap the benefits.

Recovering Addicts

Belonging to some kind of recovery group can be very helpful for someone turning their life around from drugs or alcohol or any addiction they have been burdened by. But they still need something on an individual basis to keep them focused on how their life is improving day by day. A gratitude journal is a great way to start the day by journaling what they are grateful for. And writing those thoughts down on a daily basis can be enough to help them face one more day free from their addiction.

Someone Undergoing Treatment

Cliff Hanger Gratitude Journal For MenSpending any amount of time in the hospital or at a medical facility can cause negative thoughts to run rampant. A gratitude journal is a way for a person to mentally step away from what is going on with their physical body and to focus on the things in their life that make staying the course worthwhile. A full-page journal might even be preferred if there is a lot of alone time where there is time for reflection and writing.


Growing up can be very stressful for teens as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood, trying to navigate the obstacle course along the way called Life. Writing in a journal could be beneficial to any teen, but a gratitude journal serves to keep their thoughts going in a positive direction. Focusing on something positive everyday can be a great outlet while also providing the opportunity to see growth in themselves over time as they reflect on things they were grateful at an earlier date.

Travelers To A Foreign Country

Whether just vacationing or maybe serving on a mission trip, going to another country can be very eye-opening and stressful. Spending time everyday focusing on the positive experiences in one’s life can greatly impact how the entire day goes. And by journaling along the way, many lessons can be learned through the opportunity to reflect on the trip once they are back home again.

Give the gift of gratitude with a simple gratitude journal.
Bless someone with a thoughtful gift so they can bless someone else as they use it.

Give the gift of gratitude - five people who could really benefit from a gratitude journal (and may not even realize it!)