How To Use A Password Log

Do not discount the usefulness of a password log! Here are five best practice tips for choosing and using a password log.

The Cover

Floral Oil Painting Password LogChoose a password log that has a generic or non-descript cover. While it probably would never happen to you, there is no reason to broadcast to any casual observer that “this book contains all my passwords!”

Your password log should either have no title on it or one that is very inconspicuous … it’s there if you’re looking for it but it doesn’t jump out at the casual observer. What you’re looking for is something functional but unassuming.

Pencil It In

Some items in your password log are not likely to change so you can use pen for them. Details such as the website address, your account number, your user name, or maybe your security questions. It is mainly your password or PIN that are likely to need to be changed at some point in the future.

Many people recommend writing your passwords in pencil so that it is easier to change them at some later date when you want or need to do so. Changing a password is probably the one thing that causes the most space problems because you will eventually run out of room if your old passwords are still on the page. So use a pencil if you like, or use a pen and know you will have issues eventually.


Balance Stones On The Beach Password LogA notes section is a good feature to have in your password log as it gives you a place to record your security questions (and answers!) or any miscellaneous information that isn’t specifically listed on the page. And if you don’t fill it up with other necessary items, you can always record password changes there if you need the space.


Unless you need to access your password log every day all day long, you can keep it stored in a safe, secure place. A fireproof strong box would be wise but not always practical. You could choose to have two password logs … one for your financial accounts that is stored somewhere safe, and one for your other accounts that don’t contain sensitive information. If nothing else, keep your password log on a bookshelf among other books rather than lying on your desk. That way YOU know where it is and what it is, but anybody else would think it was just another book on the shelf.

Large Print

Old-Fashioned Keyhole Password LogA large print password log can be beneficial to anyone, not just those with visual challenges. Because a large print version is naturally a bigger book with additional space for each section, it is an attractive option for people with large handwriting or those who just don’t like the inevitable cramped nature of smaller books.¬†For some people, having two password logs is the way to go … a smaller one to have out for daily use or to take along when away from home, and a larger one to store in a safe place.

If you do choose to operate with two password logs, be sure BOTH get updated when you make any changes!

Five best practice tips for choosing and using a password log.