Graph Paper To Help Younger Students With Their Handwriting

Graph Paper Notebook for KidsFor younger children just learning to master their letters, graph paper can literally be a life-saver … or at least make their schoolwork less stressful!

With the large squares of 1/2-inch graph paper, young writers can put one letter in each box, making it easier for them to visualize proper letter and spacing form. This can help those whose fine motor skills are not fully developed due to their young age or because of learning difficulties.

Graph Paper Notebook for KidsHandwriting challenged kids or students who are visually impaired will find the large boxes to be beneficial as they tackle the task of working on their letters and word formation.

Even as children get older, they might still prefer using graph paper for writing but can switch to a different size instead. With practice and better motor skill control, the 1/4-inch boxes will fit a smaller handwriting style yet still offer the structure that graph paper provides.

How graph paper can help new and struggling students with their handwriting.