3 Benefits of Using A Password Log

A password log is such a simple thing and yet truly a must-have for anyone who uses the internet. No matter what your goals, there are at least three benefits to having a printed password log.

Get Organized!

Colorful Puzzle Pieces Password LogIf you have been keeping track of your password and login information on loose paper, in a notebook, or even in a regular address book, you will love the organization that a password log will provide.

  • No more post-it notes that might lose their stickiness and get lost
  • No more shuffling through pages of account information because they are not in any kind of order
  • No more trying to make your password details fit into a book designed for something else

Invest a few hours (or days!) getting all your scattered information transferred into a book designed for that purpose and your internet security will be so much easier!


Green & Purple Abstract Password LogPassword logs come in different sizes and you might prefer a small one that you can keep alongside your computer without it taking up too much space on your desk. Being able to throw it in your purse or suitcase when you travel is also a convenient option. And while this is a nice idea, it isn’t always the best way to do things.

For security reasons, at least keep your log in a desk drawer instead of laying on top of your desk or on the stacks of papers surrounding you. And you might want to leave it home when you travel, just writing down the accounts you absolutely need while you’re on vacation or out running around. Better to lose only a few than all of them.

Peace of Mind

Padlock Tangle Password LogIt used to be that you could use the same password anywhere you needed one. It was easy, you could remember it, and there was no need for any real record-keeping. But nowadays, for security reasons you need STRONG passwords. Different companies have different requirements of what your passwords can, cannot, or even must include so the one size fits all method just doesn’t work anymore. And since virtually every company you do business with now requires a passworded account, the number of accounts for most people is almost out of control.

The only way to keep up with all those crazy and different passwords is to write them down … somewhere! Passwords are easy to lose or to forget so recording them in a log means that you won’t have to change a password simply because you forgot what it was! And if you let your computer remember all your passwords for you, one computer crash or virus and you will realize the security and peace of mind that a written log can provide.

And be dedicated … always update your log with any changes you make to passwords, secret questions, or email addresses.

Three reasons why a password log is a MUST in today's digital and fast-paced world. Three reasons why a password log is a MUST in today's digital and fast-paced world.