3 Benefits of Draw and Write Journals For Kids

Graph Paper Notebook for KidsDraw and write journals for kids are a fun way for children to learn without feeling like they are really learning. Resistance to learning something new is a trait we develop at a young age (or are born with) so any time “learning” can be done in a way that is fun, it can take place without resistance.

With a draw and write journal, your child is presented with a section for drawing a picture and then lines to write about the picture. Some children will prefer to draw and then write while others might just write whatever is in their head and then draw a picture to go with what they wrote. Either way is fine … and your child just learned some things without realizing it.

Depending on the age of the child, different aspects of learning will be honed as they fill up their draw and write journal.

Encourages Thought Expression

Graph Paper Notebook for KidsWriting a story encourages thought expression. The child has a thought in their mind and learns to express it in writing. With practice this of course becomes easier. But starting out it can be stressful … which is why the drawing component of the journal is important.

Sometimes drawing the picture can help the story idea formulate better in little minds and then it is easier to try to express the idea in writing.

Builds Language Skills

Writing also builds language skills as the child figures out ways to say things or to say them differently. Again, by having both lines for writing and a place for drawing, some of the stress of trying to fill the lines can be alleviated by going back to the picture if the words are “stuck.” Once unstuck, the words can start flowing again.

Handwriting Practice

Graph Paper Notebook for KidsWhile some children may enjoy (or at least tolerate) handwriting practice, many will resist the B-O-R-I-N-G and tedious exercise of just “practicing.” But given the opportunity to actually write words rather than just letters, children unknowingly are practicing and therefore improving their handwriting skills.

If that’s the only way to get it done, sometimes that is what is needed. Keep the end goal in mind, even if sometimes the getting there is a little unorthodox.

And if your child loves to tell stories and wants to learn to “write” them, what better way to get some handwriting practice in than with a draw and write journal!

Make learning FUN for your child. Here are three ways a draw and write journal can benefit your child's education without them realizing it.